Our Newest Class is here, Low-light training & Certification

What is the class about?

We cover everything from the anatomy of the human eye, flashlight types and models, gun-mounted light considerations, eight handgun flashlight techniques that include:


    Marine Corps





    Eye/Neck Index


We teach the pro's and con's of each technique.  Then, we center on three techniques in particular.  They are the Harries, the Ayoob and the Eye/Neck Index.  

We go from the classroom right into the range where we learn to effectively apply what we just learned in the classroom in a realistic manner.  Focusing of safety, technique, and performance, students will go through several dry-fire drills and live-fire drills.  

Additionally, we focus on caging and striking your attacker, moving and minimizing the use of your light and how to clear a room effectively and safely.  

No, you will not be a Navy Seal, a SWAT team member, or a part of the Massad when you are finished.  This class helps you to be confident to win a fight in the dark, to survive an attack, and to protect yourself and your loved ones.  

The cost:  $225

Length:  8 AM class starts and runs between 5:00 to 6:00 PM.  

Contact Ron at redavid@icefdt.com for more information or to sign up!