Meet the Team


Meet Ron David, Owner of I.C.E.Firearms & Defensive Training

A 22-year Navy Veteran, Ron is passionate about everything he does.  After a career in healthcare logistics, Ron finally found his way into doing what he is passionate about - helping people gain the confidence and skills to responsibly own and operate firearms, ensuring people feel confident and secure in their surroundings, and making sure, as citizens, our Second Amendment Rights are protected and exercised!


Why Choose I.C.E Firearms and Defensive Training?

  1. We are a small business focused on YOUR needs and, we can tailor our approach based on those needs.
  2. We guarantee you will be the best trained, most informed gun owner!  We want you satisfied - but most of all, safe.  
  3. You will have the right knowledge, skills and attitude of a successful and responsible gun owner.