Range Safety Officer Training


Becoming an NRA Certified Range Safety Officer (RSO)

Becoming an RSO is not as difficult as one may think.  The NRA is the nationally recognized leader in RSO training.  During the one day course you will gain an understanding of the following topics (this is not a comprehensive list):

  1. Range Standard Operating Procedures
  2. Range Inspection and Range Rules
  3. Check-in/out procedures
  4. Firearm Safety on the Range
  5. Enforcing Range Rules
  6. Firing Line Commands
  7. Emergency Procedures
  8. Stoppages and Malfunctions - what are the differences and how to respond to them.  
  9. And lastly, how to take control of a loaded firearm

Course Length

This is a 1-day course.  It is packed with information and includes classroom lecture, a written examination and hands-on Range Safety Officer experiences during live-fire situations.  


$75 per person

What to bring?

  1. Bring all the materials sent to you by your instructor.
  2. Long pants, closed-toe shoes and a pull over shirt are required.  NO V-Neck collars, please.  
  3. Lunch will be provided. 


The class location will be listed on the NRA's registration website.  Or, call ICEFDT for more information.