Basic Shotgun at ICEFDT Main Office (ST)

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1502 South Main St

This course is ten hours long and includes classroom and range time learning how to shoot shotguns at moving targets. This class does include a live-fire exercise so bring your shotgun (if you have one) and ammo. Please leave your ammo in your car until instructed otherwise. Coffee and donuts will be available in the morning.  Bring your own lunch. 

ICEFDT Main Office
1502 S. Main St, Ste 201
Mount Airy, MD  21771

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  • 01-15-2023 9:00 am

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Event FAQs

Who is the class relevant for?

This is a great class for first-time shotgun owners and shooters. If you’ve bought your first shotgun or if you’re interested in Shotgun shooting sports, we cover all the makes and models as well as all the Shotgun shooting sports.

What will we learn in the classroom?

You’ll learn everything about your shotgun possible. From pump action to semi-automatic to break action, we cover it all. Most of our instructors are AVID shotgun sporting enthusiasts with years of experience.

What will we learn on the range?

Yes, you do have to qualify. You will be shooting at moving targets that are flying directly away from you. The EASIEST presentation there is. With an 11 out of 25, you are on your way to becoming a great shotgun shooter.

What do I need to bring?

Eye and Ear protection
Lunch Gun and roughly 100 rounds of ammo, if you have your own
Closed-toe shoes
No v-neck shirts

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