Carbine III – Template

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Carbine III is relevant to those individuals who are wanting to take their AR platform to the next level.

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Event FAQs

Who is the class relevant for ?
Following Carbine I, Carbine II is all about basic skills development, failure drills and the introductions to the back up gun.
What will we learn in the classroom ?
Picking up where we left off in Carbine I, we start with inspecting the guns to make sure they are ready for the day. Carbine II we start to integrate 5 basic drills used by most tacticians. These drills deliver on speed, accuracy, and lethality. From here, we introduce the students to team communication and movement skills.
What will we learn on the range ?
Failure drills are the flavor of the day. Included above are emergency and tactical reloads. We incorporate short and long range shots, moving targets, and cover and concealment drills to amplify your skills.
What do I need to bring ?
250 rounds of ammo
Eye and ear protection
Closed-toe shoes
Knee pads
3 magazines
Closed-toe shoes
No v-neck shirt

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