Tina became a firearms instructor because she believes that everyone has the inalienable right to defend themselves. Since the age of 5 Tina attended Martial Arts school, so being able to protect herself has always been an important skill for her.  As an adult, Tina enjoys empowering others, especially women, through defense training and teaching the number one rule in firearms- Safety FIRST!

When Tina first began shooting, she wished there were more women around to assist. Even before Tina became an instructor, when she would visit the range, women would ask for her assistance and advice regarding firearms and shooting. Tina recognized they were comfortable in approaching her and eager to learn. It was then that Tina knew she wanted to be the face for women who may be hesitant to train but desired to learn. Tina’s goal is to provide a safe, encouraging space where anyone with an interest can come and learn.

My Certifications
• Maryland State Qualified Handgun Instructor
. USCCA Certified Concealed carry & Home Defense Instructor
• NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
• NRA Certified Instructor for Pistol, Wear & Carry, PPITH & PPOTH Instructor
• NRA Certified Instructor for Refuse To Be A Victim
•American Red-cross and American Heart Association  First aid, Pediatric,Adult CPR/AED Instructor and Training site
• Stop the Bleed Instructor